Reading Car Accident Lawyer

As the seat of Berks County, Reading attracts more traffic than most cities its size as citizens journey to the town to take care of official business. Some zoom up I-176 on the Morgantown Expressway; others clog state roads 222 or 422 in the mornings and evenings. The West Shore and Warren Street bypasses can be especially tricky to navigate as people strive to get home as soon as possible after a long day in Reading.

About four people lose their lives every day on Pennsylvania roads, and nearly 35 accidents take place. In addition, the Keystone State leads the nation in an odd but dangerous category: highest rate of vehicles hitting deer each year. That can lead to additional collisions that you can be on the receiving end of while you practice safe driving techniques.

If you reside in or near Reading and are involved in a vehicle accident of any type, you should engage a legal representative, even if your case seems typical and you do not feel the effects (yet) of any serious injuries.

Drivers change their minds all the time about whether or not they want to pursue a case in court, and general wooziness can become a serious medical condition after vehicle accidents. That’s why it is wise to hire a Reading car accident attorney with lots of experience in helping Pennsylvania drivers.

Look for a skilled team of car accident lawyers that have won large settlements for its clients. The top Reading car accident attorneys do not represent insurance companies, but choose to specialize in personal injury suits.

If possible, find a Reading car accident lawyer who will even come to your hospital bed for a free consultation. Whatever you do, do not allow an insurance company to talk you into accepting a settlement that might seem “fair” to you and include a large amount of money, but is actually much smaller than your present and future needs will require.

Remember that insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and their objective is often to settle with their clients for as cheaply and as quickly as possible. In many cases, clients are left holding the bag for years of medical bills that result from vehicle accidents, and the lost wages added on top of those costs can ruin your finances.

That is precisely why you need a Reading car accident attorney to represent you in court. To prepare for your consultation with a Reading car accident lawyer, do your best to get your records together so that the lawyer can begin to construct a powerful and persuasive case. Gather your records of out-of-pocket expenses, medical expenses, photos of your damaged vehicle and the accident scene, pictures of your injury (if visible) and all receipts and correspondence.

A fortified Reading car accident attorney can then begin to create a line of argument that will enable you to receive the compensation that you deserve—and will need. Don’t let your accident become more of a nightmare than it should be; contact a top Reading car accident attorney to present your case.


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